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Food is not just about taste, it’s an Experience! An experience of all the five senses, taste, smell, sight, hear and touch.

At CINNAMON RESTORAN we pride ourselves with exemplary hospitality and culinary expertise and bring to you an eclectic modern cuisine with the best serving cocktails and food pairings.

Settle into a table and bask in our warm and welcoming hospitality. Order a bottle of wine from our extensive cellar that's specifically chosen to pair with the big and bold flavors created by our renowned chefs. A menu tailored to complement Indian and International cuisine while introducing a hint of the exotic.

Celebrating the full spectrum of exquisite food and drinks, spectacular service, and elegant fine dining, at CINNAMON REESTORAN we believe in giving our guests the perfect symphony of a complete meal!


CINNAMON RESTORAN - A place where food becomes a Heartful Experience!

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